Are you a business in fashion and/or textiles with a large range of clients who value being well presented in the office and on formal occasions? Come and have a look at Knipidee International BV’s bi-stretch textile collection. In this webshop with over 6 million meters of fabrics in stock, you will certainly find the finest quality for bi-stretch skinny ankle pants, skirts, suits or jackets to be made. This type of textile remains through many wears and washes, it will not crease fast and it feels extremely comfortable. In short, Bi-stretch is making sure your customers will be able to make long lasting pieces to add to their work wardrobe.

Create the perfect Bi-stretch skinny ankle pants with Knipidee’s Bi-stretch fabrics!

3 reasons why bi-stretch is so popular

Bi-stretch knows many good values for creating high-quality formal work wear which will remain for many years. It’s a popular and very much wanted fabric in the business scene.

  • One reason is the fact that it provides full ease of movement. Business people, and in particular people who sit most of the day, will look neat and feel very comfortable at the same time.
  • Next to this, it requires little ironing. For people who don’t want to spend too much time ironing their formal clothes, this could be a huge benefit.
  • The third reason is the fabric will not crease easily. This makes the fabric a good option for creating longlasting workwear items in style and comfort.

Trending: Bi-stretch skinny ankle pants

Bi-stretch skinny ankle pants are nowadays highly requested within business fashion. These trousers have a slight amount of stretch across the bias of the material, which guarantees maximum comfort when worn. Skinny pants have been extremely popular for a few years now, but Bi-stretch skinny ankle pants made of the finest materials will add an extra touch of formal wear to it. The shape-retaining bi-stretch weave will make sure the person who wears it will look at it’s best at any day at the office and stays fashionable at all times.

bi-stretch skinny ankle pants textile wholesale

Knipidee International BV: your fabric wholesaler

At the Knipidee International BV webshop, you can order the highest quality Bi-stretch textiles in many trending colors and materials. Any company in the world with a valid tax ID can place orders online and shipment usually only lasts up to two business days. Also, there is the possibility to request an estimated date of departure for your order. You can sign up for free any time to create an account. After being registered, you can check all other fabrics and prices and place orders within minutes.