Our Fabrics Collection

Knipidee has its own developed collection. With our own styling team we can distinguish in comparison to others. Our team develope, creates and put designs together themselves, so that we can respond quickly to the latest trends from our market. That is also the reason we are often found on international exhibitions and events to discover the newest developments and give those to our customers.

The Trendbook
Each season, our styling team creates “The Trendbook”, our specially made book with our collection which holds a variety of themes for our customers. They can get inspired and have a look in the upcoming trends and collection. When are you going to take a look at our trendbook?

We know better than anyone how important the purchasing process is for our customers. That is why we always work one or two seasons ahead so that our customers have enough to choose from. We have a saying at Knipidee; “The right items, in the best quality, a team the right time, for the best price.”

Standard collection
We are well known by our standard collection. Our collection mainly exists of standard items. More than 600 standard items in a wide variety of colors.

Seasonal collection
The collection items, these are the so called summer- & winteritems which change every season. Every season new colors will be added, but also new prints and new qualities to our collection.

Our collection is mostly specialized in women’s fashion, but besides that we have more than enough fashion fabrics that can of course be used for men’s fashion. We also have a big children’s collection, fabrics that can be used for decoration and much more. We invite you to visit our showroom or contact us for more information.

These are the items we have in stock the whole year. Our productions are produced in the Far East, but for quick deliveries we also produce in Turkey and Italy.

At arrival of our goods, (standard & collection) our items will go through a quality-controle, these controls are done by an independent company. This is why we can always deliver the quality that our customers expect from us. Quality-tests: Quality, shrink, pilling, the right color, in short, if the fabric meets your and our demands.

Got questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.