It was introduced on the market in 1929: faux fur fabric (a term used for fake fur), which was designed to have the appearance and warmth of animal fur. The fabric keeps on increasing in popularity because of the many promotions of animal welfare organizations. Faux fur does not involve animals whatsoever, which makes it an animal-friendly alternative for wearing fur. There are many other reasons to use this type of textile. If you would like to buy in faux fur fabric, you can take a look at the Knipidee webshop. Here you will find thousands of textiles online, ready for ordering. All fabrics are available directly from stock, so delivery happens on a very short term.

Why choose faux fur fabric?

Next to clothing, faux fur is being used for many other reasons, such as for home decoration like pillows, for stuffed animals or fashion accessories. Unlike real fur which is much thicker and needs to be sewed on a special machine, by hand or an awl, faux fur is easy to sew on a sewing machine. This is why it’s used a lot in craft projects as well. In fashion, faux fur is being spotted by many famous labels and mainstream collections.

Advantages of faux fur fabric:

• It does not involve animals.

• It is much cheaper than real fur fabric.

• It is impervious to moths.

• It does not require cold storage to prevent deterioration.

• It is relatively easy to sew it because it is a fabric.

faux fur textile

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