Jacquard is an outstanding fabric type when it comes to patterns. There is no limit for creating the most unique designs such as floral designs, stripes or polka dots to extremely detailed patterns. Depending on the composition and weight of the fibers, Jacquard can be used for creating all kinds of garments and can be worn in sudden seasons. If you are looking for a Jacquard fabric wholesale company, you can take a look at the online textile collection of Knipidee International BV. Here you will find over 6.000.000 meter of fabric online, which you can order directly from stock. These fabrics include a wide range of beautiful Jacquard cloths, designed by a professional styling team.

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About Jacquard fabric

In 1804, Joseph-Marie Jacquard invented the Jacquard fabric: a type of textile, woven (or sometimes knitted) intro the warp on a special mechanical loom. Unlike other fabrics where prints are often being applied after the cloth is woven, the patterns of Jacquard are created together with the cloth. The fabric features an unlimited choice in patterns and comes in different compositions. Because of its ability to interlace hundreds of warp threads, the most unique designs can be created. Also, the differences in weight make it a versatile fabric type. Lightweight Jacquard is often used for summery apparel and heavy Jacquard for cold seasonal wear. Recognizing Jacquard is usually easy: when checking the back of the fabric, the long threads to produce the pattern can be found. It’s a durable, strong and wrinkle-resistant fabric which is pleasant to touch. This makes it a popular choice in the fashion industry to create the most versatile garments.

Jacquard and its compositions

Jacquard fabric is more a type of a weave instead of a material and comes in a variety of compositions and weights, depending on the fibers that have been used. Let’s take a closer look at sudden compositions and what you can use it for:

  • Cotton: Cotton can be worn all year and is known for its breathing quality and opaque feature. It’s very suitable for basically any type of garment such as shirts, pants, jackets, dresses and so on.
  • Linen: Linen is mostly used for dresses, skirts, shirts or tops because of it’s soft, breathable characteristics. It’s a popular choice for spring/summer wear.
  • Silk: A semi-sheer or opaque, smooth fiber type which is mostly worn for special occasions or during summer seasons. It’s used for making tops, blouses, dresses, scarves and so on.
  • Wool: Wool is cozy and soft, which makes it a perfect option for winter wear like jackets, sweatshirts or cardigans.
  • Blend: Blends can vary from soft to slight wiry and in various transparency levels. All kinds of clothes can be created and worn all year.
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