Named after the island of Jersey, Jersey fabric is a stylish choice for a variety of clothing and accessories. It is known as the fabric that is uniquely machine-knit with a very small grain. The fabric knows many great qualities, such as being durable, stretchy, lightweight, yet warm and insulating. It is a common fabric for many types of garments including t-shirts, due to the fact that it can be made of, for example, 100% cotton or a blend from cotton/polyester. Like most knitted fabrics, it has a right vertical grain side and a wrong horizontal grain side. Jersey-made apparel has the vertical grain facing out (except when the seamstress is making deliberately a stylistic choice). In the Knipidee webshop, you can find several Jersey fabrics in many different designs. All textiles can be ordered directly from stock, so shipping usually takes place the same day. Plus, all orders can be shipped to any country in the world.

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Jersey characteristics

Jersey has a wide range of great characteristics, a few of these characteristics are the fact that:

• it’s a stretchy fabric and recovers its original shape easily
• Jersey moves with the person who wears it
• it is resistant to creases
• it’s a soft fabric, depending on the fibers used
• it’s a durable, strong fabric and resistant to tear
• it is resistant to wrinkling
• it drapes beautifully
• it is a very adaptable fabric, which makes it very versatile in use

Most people know these great features. Next to these features, Jersey is very comfortable to wear. When winter season is coming, a lot of Jersey cardigans, sweaters and dresses are being created within the world of fashion because of the insulating qualities. When summer season arrives, lightweight garments are being created such as evening dresses made of draped jersey.

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When you want to buy Jersey fabric online at a Jersey fabric wholesale company, take a look at the Knipidee textile collection. You will find many fabrics online in the webshop, including Jersey fabric. The collection is being updated twice a year, with a fresh summer and winter collection, designed by a professional styling department. All of the fabrics are available from stock, so orders are usually shipped the same day to any country in the world. You can browse the online collection, create an account, view prices and place orders very easily. Take a look at the online collection!

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