Have you ever wondered what the difference is between knitted or woven fabrics? Fabrics consist out of natural and artificial yarns. They are formed by weaving, knotting, knitting or other methods. The fibers can be made of pants (like cotton), animals (like wool), minerals (like asbestos) or synthetic material (like polyester). At the Knipidee textile wholesaler you can filter the entire fabric collection by knitted or woven fabrics. But what exactly are the differences between the two? In this article we will explain.

How is knit fabric produced?

In the Knipidee webshop, there are many different types of knit fabrics available. There are cotton knits, viscose knits, jogging knits, scuba knits and many more. Knitted fabrics are produced by the knitting method, using one set of yarn by interloping. It’s perfect for making sevral types of garments such as shirts, inner wear, leggings, socks or hats because of the flexible material. The thickness of knits differ a lot, from mesh thin to fleece thick. Cotton and viscose are commonly used for the knitting. Usually there is one single color yarn involved, but there are ways for using multiple colors. Usually, the knitting method takes place by using a (flat) knitting machine.

How is woven fabric produced?

Woven textiles are formed by weaving. It’s usually made on a loom and made on many threads, weft, warp or woven. A woven fabric is produced when two or more threads interlace at right angles to one another. It’s a comparatively thick material, because of the use of two or more fiber yarns in criss-cross patterns. This is why it’s used for garments like trousers, jeans, or shirts. In the Knipidee webshop are many woven fabric types to be found, you can view the entire collection by filtering on woven fabrics.

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Top 3 differences between woven and knits

• Knitted fabric is made up of single yarn, woven fabric by multiple yarns in criss-cross patterns.

• Woven fabric don’t stretch along its width, it may along the length. Knits stretches easily along its width and slightly along its length.

• Knit fabrics retain their shape on being pressed, while woven fabrics has wrinkles on its surface on being pressed.

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