Muslin fabric, also known as Mousseline fabric, is a loosely-woven cotton fabric made by the plain weave technique. It is used a lot in fashion to test clothing prototypes before cutting and stitching the final product. But there are many other purposes for using Muslin textile. The fabric comes in different forms and weights. When you want to buy Muslin fabric, you can take a look at the Knipidee International BV collection. Here there are over 6 million meters of fabric to be found, ready for ordering online and available from stock. This means orders are usually shipped the same day or the next. Plus, all orders are shipped to any country in the world.

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Purposes for using Muslin fabric

There are many purposes for using mousseline, such as:

• Dressmaking; especially for sewing and pattern-making goals. Prototypes made by other fabric are still often referred to as muslin.
• Home décor; for home decoration purposes, muslin is often used when a lightweight fabric is needed for items such as towels, bed sheets or curtains.
• Arts; the material holds dye well. It is also being used for theater or photographers scrim backdrops.
• Quilting; as the backing for a quilt, Muslin fabric is an excellent choice.
• Cleaning; because of the easily washable material, the textile is perfect for multi-use cleaning purposes.
• Cheesemaking; yes, cheesemaking. Muslin is used as a bag for separating the liquid whey fro, the cheese curd.
• Surgery; Muslin gauze is often being wrapped around aneurysms to make the artery stronger and prevent rupture.

Guidelines for taking care of Muslin fabric

If you want to take good care of Muslin fabric, you can follow these guidelines. You can machine wash it with gentle laundry detergent or wash by hand in cold water. The best way to dry mousseline is by hanging it flat to dry. If you want to tumble dry, remove the item before it’s completely dry.

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