For heavy-duty outerwear, Ottoman fabric is an excellent choice. The same goes for upholstery goals, like covering furniture creating curtains. The ribbed look of the fabric and the fact that the surface is easy to clean and care for makes the textile type a very popular choice. Most Ottoman fabrics are a mixture of natural fibers such as cotton or wool and silk. When you’d like to buy Ottoman fabrics, take a look at the Knipidee fabric wholesale collection. Here you can order Ottoman fabric in several colors and compositions. As a Dutch leader within fabrics, Knipidee values a short term delivery. This means orders are being shipped within 1-2 business days to any country in the world.

Two Ottoman fabric bestsellers:

The Knipidee International BV fabric wholesaler sells all kinds of fabrics and textiles online in the webshop. These fabrics can be ordered directly from stock. Here we will show you the two most popular Ottoman bestsellers:

0287 Super Ottoman

The 0287 Super Ottoman is one of Knipidee’s most popular fabrics. It comes in five beautiful earth shade colors. It is made of 97% Polyester and 3% Elastane. The weight is 360 gr/m2 and the width is 150 cm.

ottoman textile

0592 Cottoman

Another popular bestseller is the 0592 Cottoman. Available in at least ten different colors in a beautiful ribbed look. Made of 60% Cotton, 35% Polyester and 5% Elastane. It has a weight of 250 gram/m2 and a width of 150 cm.

Why use Ottoman textile?

Ottoman is traditionally made from natural silk fibers, while today it’s usually mixed with other natural fibers such as cotton or wool. The ribbed weaved surface makes it a popular choice for outerwear, such as heavy winter coats or suits. Also, it’s purpose is to cover footstools such as ottomans (here is where the fabric name comes from) and other kinds of furniture. For curtains, it’s also an excellent choice. Taking care of Ottoman fabric is very easy because of the all-silk weave. Ottoman textiles made of washable silks, cotton and wool can be machine washed on a gentle program. Further, it can be spot-cleaned, dry cleaned, or steam cleaned.

Buy Ottoman textile online

At Knipidee International BV, you can buy Ottoman fabric in several colors and compositions online. The fabric collection of Knipidee is very big, over 6 million meters of fabric is being represented. The collections are designed by a professional styling team and get updated twice a year. Browse the webshop to see an online overview of every single fabric that’s in stock.

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