Polyester fabric is a synthetic, non-natural type of textile which is mainly used for clothing because of certain qualities. The polymer material (a shortened name for polyethylene terephthalate) exists out of Polyester yarns or fibers, which are being mixed into ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid, also knows as a kind of plastic. Due to the heat-sensitive quality, permanent pleats, shapes, and patterns can be easily created in garments made of Polyester. This means a huge versatility for creating fashion clothing is possible with Polyester. Here for, when you want to buy in Polyester fabric, you will find an enormous amount of colors, designs, and compositions. In the online Polyester fabric wholesale store of Knipidee International BV, you can browse a huge collection of Polyester textiles. All fabrics are in stock and ready for ordering. Plus, orders are being shipped to any country in the world.

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Polyester material properties

Polyester has been one of the most popular types of textile for a long time. This has to do with the fact that fibers made of 100% Polyester are thermoplastic or heat-sensitive. For this reason, fabrics made of Polyester can be given permanent pleats, patterns, and shapes. Also, it’s an easy material to keep clean because of the highly stain-resistant properties. Sometimes, Polyester is being blended with other fibers such as cotton for creating more benefits such as breathable qualities. Polyester is mostly known for creating clothing items. But there are more purposes for using Polyester material, because of the naturally bright fibers which can be easily modified.

Some characteristics of Polyester are:

• The fabric is extremely strong

• It is very durable

• It retains its shape

• Resists most chemicals, stretching, shrinking, wrinkle, mildew, and abrasion

• It is hydrophobic in nature and dries quickly

• It can be washed and dried easily

Beneficial uses of Polyester fabric are:

• For making fashion apparel and sportswear

• For house decoration such as bed sheets

• Fillings for duvets because of the insulating properties

• Sewing threads

• For upholstery of furniture

• For bags and luggage

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