Poplin is an ‘all-rounder’ fabric type which exists mostly out of 100% cotton or a cotton-poly blend. Other variations can include rayon, silk or wool. Overall it’s created by 2 yarns of different thicknesses in a plain weave. You will find it back in everyday garments as well as haute couture fashion. The popularity has to do with the fact that it’s a strong, durable and elegant fabric. The lustrous effect because of the distinctive ribbed texture makes it a loved textile for many people. When you are looking for a Poplin fabric wholesale company, you can pay a visit to the Knipidee webshop. Here you will find over 6 millions meters of fabric online. You can filter by color or theme to find the perfect fabric type. All fabrics are designed by a very own styling department!

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Poplin fabric for casual and formal wear

Poplin is used for many different goals. Initially, it was used for women’s dresses because of the sheer luxury touch, but nowadays it’s also a popular choice for upholstery. It’s stylish, yet comfortable for all kinds of clothing to wear, varying from casual wear to formal garments. There are many good characteristics that Poplin fabric knows:

Characteristics of Poplin fabric:
• It’s a durable and strong fabric
• It has cool, lightweight properties
• It’s very versatile
• It feels soft
• Embroidering onto poplin is very easy
• The subtle sheen adds a touch of luxury
• It’s extremely comfortable to wear
• The fabric can be well printed on
• It does not wrinkle easy
• It does not stain easy
• It’s a water-resistant material

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