Scuba is a type of synthetic fabric, also commonly referred to as Neoprene, however, it’s a double knit fabric, mostly composed of polyester and mixed usually with lycra or spandex. It was developed by the DuPont Corporation, which also created many other textiles such as nylon. Scuba is known as the best replacer for rubber material and is styled after the neoprene material used in creating wet suits for scuba divers. Because of the variety in the thickness, this durable type of fabric can be used for several types of garments, such as form-fitting dresses, leggings, dance-wear or draping gowns. It holds dye well, so you will find Scuba in the most outstanding prints on the market. Another advantage is that the fabric cuts easily, which makes it very customizable.

scuba fabric textile

Ten tips for using Scuba fabric

• Make sure you are buying the right amount of thickness, for it has a huge variety in weight
• Before you use Scuba fabric, prewash it
• The fabric cuts easily, so use a smaller rotary cutter for any intricate cutting sessions
• As you will not need a lining, use Scuba fabric for structured garments
• To prevent snagging and slipping, use a ballpoint or stretch needle
• Wash the textile at a 30 or 40 degrees program and avoid the tumble dryer
• To avoid bunching beneath the presser foot, try using a walking foot
• You can create nice drapery effects with Scuba
• It’s best to trim seams by hand and then overlock with the knife disengaged, for the extra bulk of Scuba can cause problems when you use an overlocker
• Iron Scuba fabric on a low setting to prevent marks or melting.

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