Discover the beauty of Crepe fabric; a satisfyingly lustrous textile type with a slightly rippled texture. The fairly sheer appearance is perfect for designers to create a variety of apparel and accessories. It tends to be lightweight with a very soft handle, so it is often used for gorgeous sheer layers on (bridal) dresses, blouses, men’s shirts, formal wear or other garments. Silk Crepe fabric has an unmatched versatility with its surface of matte roughness or silky finish. It takes thread well, yet it is recommended to be dry-cleaned.

silk crepe fabrics

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For daytime as well as eveningwear

Silk Crepe fabric has a lustrous and even texture and excellent drape. The structure exists out of tightly weft yarns woven across the wraps. It’s one of the easiest fabrics to sew without fraying or slipping. The luxe yet laidback look makes it a versatile favorite amongst fashion designers. Therefore, it’s suitable for making clothes during daytime as well as eveningwear. At the Knipidee fabrics wholesaler, hundreds of Crepe fabrics are available directly from stock. From uni colors to fashionable prints as well as from different weights to compositions.

Order Silk Crepe fabric at the Knipidee wholesaler

Do you consider buying in Silk Crepe fabric? At the Knipidee fabrics wholesale company you can order numerous of different colors and designs online. After creating a customer account, you can log in, view prices, and place orders. Orders are being shipped internationally within one to two business days. All of the textiles are directly available from stock. Knipidee has its own styling team who keeps up with the latest fashion trends closely. We invite you to take a look at our entire fabric collection.

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