Are you looking for a suede fabric wholesale company? We would like to welcome you to the Knipidee International BV webshop! Located in The Netherlands, Knipidee has become one of the biggest textile wholesalers in Europe. Now, with the entire fabric collection to be found online, all of the fabrics can be ordered by and shipped to any country in the world. All types of textiles are available in a wide range of designs and colors. Also, when you are looking for suede fabric specifically, you will find a large variety in our online collection.

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What is suede fabric exactly?

Made of the underside of animal skin such as lamb, goat, pig or deer, suede is leather type with a soft surface. It’s a thinner as traditional leather. This has to do with the fact that the underside is seperated (splitted) from the top. This creates a thinner, flowier and softer version of leather which is used for several purposes.

Three of the most popular purposes are:

• Footwear: Suede gives loafers, boots or slide an appealing appearance, a lot of comfort and character. Because of it’s lightweight its maintaining the durability which if perfect for footwear.

• Outerwear: Suede jackets are fashionable and trendy. One of the most famous jacket types made from suede are Western jackets.

• Accessoires: Handbags, gloves, belts, all sorts of accent items can be created from suede, which is why fashion designers enjoy using suede for creating the most beautiful accessoires.

At Knipidee International, you can order textiles in Suede look online

Knipidee’s suede fabric collection

At the Knipidee suede fabric wholesale company you can order all kinds of textiles online including suede fabrics. The entire collection is to be found online. You can browse by basics, winter or summer collection and you can filter by theme, color or quality. All of the fabrics are available directly from stock, which means orders can be delivered worldwide on a very short term. Creating an account is very easy, within minutes any company in the world can browse collections, view prices and place orders.

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