Terry fabric has great absorbency attributes, which is why it’s mostly used for bath products such as bath towels, headbands, beach cover-ups or bathrobes. Also, the fabric can be easily printed, dyed, or decoratively embroidered. As a Terry fabric wholesale company, Knipidee International BV offers many types of Terry textiles in several colors and designs. In our online store, you can view the entire collection. Any fashion or fabric company in the world can create an account within minutes and order fabrics. Orders are being shipped to any country in the world. Net to this, all of our fabrics are ready for ordering directly from stock, so delivery times are overall very very short!

What is Terry fabric?

Terry fabric has uncut loops standing away from its ground base. It’s woven by the use of two warp beans: the ground war for creating the base and the pile warp for creating the loops of the texture threads. Because of these loops, the textile surface is being increased, meaning its enhance of absorbency and maintaining a soft feel. Traditionally, Terry is made from cotton, but nowadays its also made from other natural or artificial material such as linen or silk. Cotton is one of the most popular choices because it’s absorbent fiber gets 20-30 times stronger when wet. Like a sponge, the loop pile withstands squeezing, rubbing, pulling or twisting and turning. Also, snags are being avoided by these shorter loops.

View our Terry fabric collection online in the Knipidee webshop!

Buy Terry textiles online

When you are looking for a Terry fabric wholesale company to buy Terry textiles online, take a look at the Knipidee webshop. Located in The Netherlands, Knipidee has over 40 years of experience in fashion fabrics. Designs are being created by a professional styling team and the collections are getting an update twice a year with fresh and brand new designs and trendy colors.

Our bestseller: the 0112 Peru

One of Knipidee’s bestsellers in Terry cloth material is the 0112 Peru. This fabric is available in over 25 different colors. It’s made of 90% Cotton and 10% Polyester, which means it handles water very well and will retain its soft feeling by all times. Expand your bath product collection with one of our gorgeous gentle colors! It weighs 350 grams per square meter and has a width of 150 centimeters. When you’d wish to order, you can choose between a 12 meter double folded or a 50-meter roll. Browse the Knipidee Terry fabric wholesale collection online in the webshop.