Viscose fabric is a semi-synthetic fabric type and is commonly known as rayon. It’s made of wood pulp, but it takes a long process to turn it into an actual fabric. Because of the organic material, it’s hard to say if Viscose is a truly synthetic (like polyester) or truly natural (like cotton) fiber. It falls somewhere in between. When you are looking for a Viscose fabric wholesaler, you can take a look at the Knipidee fabric collection. Here you will find numerous fabrics and textiles online, which can be ordered directly from stock.

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Why choose Viscose fabric?

Viscose is a popular and low-cost fabric which knows many great qualities. You can find it in many uses, such as in cotton (Viscose resembles cotton), in luxurious velvet’s, in feminine hygiene products or tie cords. Depending on the manufacturing, Viscose van take on many different qualities, which is why you can create a wide range of products with it. Here are a few of Viscose’s brilliant qualities:

  • It has breathable features
  • It drapes beautifully
  • Excellent colour retention
  • Highly absorbent
  • It’s a versatile fabric because it blends well with other fibres
  • It’s very smooth
  • Does not trap body heat
  • It’s a relatively lightweight fabric
  • It has a strong and robust character
  • It has a soft and comfortable feel
  • Inexpensive
  • It has no static build up

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At the Knipidee webshop you can order Viscose textiles online. Any fabrics / fashion company in the world can create an account and place orders online. All fabrics can be ordered from stock, and can be shipped worldwide. You can set an estimated date of depature for your order. Browse the entire fabric collection online and use the filters to search by color, quality of theme. You can order fabrics per average of 12 meter (double folded) or 50 meter (rolls). Take a look in the webshop to view the entire collection.