They are warm, comfortable and perfect for creating warmer types of garments or home decoration items such as pillows or blankets: big knit fabric. Perfect for autumn and winter season and available in many beautiful colors and designs including big rib knit fabric. There are so many ways to use big knit fabric to create a cozy and comfortable look and feel. Would you like to buy in knitted fabric, then you can bring a visit to the Knipidee webshop. Knipidee is an international fabric and textile supplier and with a huge collection in stock, including many big knit fabrics, you have a wide range of products to choose from. In our ‘virtual showroom’, you can browse the entire collection to get an impression of our products.

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Big knits in trendy colors and designs

When creating an account at the Knipidee webshop, you can have a look at the big knits collection. These are excellent textile types for creating warm and comfortable fashion items and accessoires. There are many types of knitwear to be found, including knit apparel fabric, stretch knit fabric, cotton knit fabric, printed knit fabric, rayon knits, linen knits, jersey knit, sweater knit and many, many more. At Knipidee, there is a professional styling team for designing, creating and updating the collections twice a year, so there is always a trendy collection awaiting with fresh creations due to the latest trends in the fashion and fabric industry. For big knit fabric, there are also many uni colors available or textiles in a ribbed look. Have a look at our product range in the online store.

Order big knit fabric online at Knipidee

The ordering process for Knipidee is extremely easy. When you have created an account, you can take a look at all the prices and start to place orders. You can choose between an average of 12 meter (double folded) or 50 meter (roll). Because of our huge stock, shipping usually takes place between 1-2 business days. Knipidee has over 7 million meters of fabric online. For the best customer satisfaction, we offer a 30-day warranty on all of our products. This is why Knipidee has become a trusted face for many fashion and fabric companies for over 40 years.

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Browse our big knit fabric collection online.

Knipidee: for any kind of fabric

At Knipidee Fabrics, you can shop for any type of fabric. Knitwear is being represented in a wide range, but there are many more types of textile to choose from. Think of Bengaline, Linen, Bubble Chiffon, Scuba, Velvet, Viscose, Cotton, Alpenfleece and much more. Use the filter to select the theme, color or composition in order to find the right fabric that you are looking for.