Cotton fabric is a versatile and popular fabric that is worn a lot in the summer. Cotton fibers are the most used for the production of textiles. It has unique properties that make the textile type so popular. The fabric feels comfortable for the skin, it’s breathable, easy to paint and it absorbs moisture well. Many types of garments can be made from cotton, but also for home decoration or for practical purposes it’s being used a lot. For example, cotton fabrics is often used in the baby room. If you want to buy cotton fabric online, Knipidee is your trusted textile wholesaler. With more than 40 years of experience in the fashion and fabric industry, we present a collection of unique designs, trendy colors and a wide variety of textile types. You can view all of our products online in our web store. Due to the enormous stock, most orders are sent the same day, both the large and smaller purchases. View the collection in the webshop for an impression of our fabric range.

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Why choose cotton fabrics?

Cotton is one of the most popular textile types, suitable for any age. The textile has many favorable qualities, such as being resistant to mechanical and chemical influences from outside. Wear will not occur quickly with cotton and the textile type is stretchable. It also absorbs moisture well and is resistant to heat. Cleaning and coloring is also very easy. In short, cotton can be used for many purposes. If you want to buy cotton fabric online, you can take a look at Knipidee. In our showroom you are more than welcome to view all fashion fabrics. But also, in our online showroom you will find an overview of all fabrics that you can order online. Not only cotton, but also many other textile types including viscose, polyester, jersey, bengaline or linen and much more are there to be found.

More than 7 million meters of fabric in stock

Knipidee has more than 7 million meters of fabric in stock. This means that orders can be sent to customers in the short term. Orders are shipped within the Netherlands and worldwide. This means that every company in the world can create an account and place orders. Units take place per double folded of 12 meters or per roll of 50 meters. A warranty period of 30 days also applies to all products. This allows Knipidee to meet quality expectations at all times. If you are considering to buy cotton fabric online, feel free to pay a visit to our warehoude or to the webshop. In the webshop, you can use the filters to immediately select the qualities you are looking for, such as color, theme or quality. There are also various collections that you can view, including the basics, the winter and summer collection.

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