You currently see tie-dye fabrics appearing everywhere in the world of fashion fabrics. The colorful prints ensure a true spectacle on fabric, whether you use them to make shirts, leggings, hair bands or other items like clothing or accessories. For this reason you often see Tie-dye at festivals and other trendy events. If you want to use Tie-dye in your creations yourself, you can visit the Knipidee fabric wholesaler. Many different Tie-dye prints are available here, all beautifully colorful and abstract for a unique effect.You can order all fabrics directly online in the webshop. In addition to Tie-dye, many other prints are available including animal prints, floral prints, diamonds, dots, stripes, digital prints, tropical prints. A wide range of uni colors is also represented. So if you want to combine a busy Tiedye with a subtle uni print, then that is certainly possible.

What is Tie-dye?

What is Tie-dye print exactly? In general, it is a technique where water-soaked fabric is dipped in a dye bath. When the material returns to its original state, the most abstract patterns will appear. The prints are so popular nowadays that you can buy complete Tie-dye fabric in advance that represents the same effect. These fabrics can be ordered ready-made and are ideal for making tops, shirts, leggings, skirts or other items of clothing. View all colors and designs in the Knipidee web store. Here you can order textile in all shapes and sizes. To buy Tie-dye fabric online, browse the complete collection. Take a look in the webshop for an overview.

Knipidee: your fabrics wholesaler

Knipidee follows the Tie-dye trend: in our showroom or in the webshop you can view all fabrics in our collection. All designs are compiled by our own styling department. Designs are inspired by the trends that are currently being seen in the fashion scene. This allows you to quickly respond to emerging trends (and associated customer demands). Because at Knipidee, the delivery times are always short; most orders are shipped the same day! This also applies to the web store. Companies that are established both inside and outside the Netherlands can create an account and place orders. View the complete range online.

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