Digital print fabric can provide high-quality and versatile items for fashion. It can be used for printing on several materials like linen, cotton or wool. The prints are outstanding and very diverse. Would you like to buy in textiles in colorful flower prints, animal prints, digital oil pints, abstract prints. At the Knipidee International BV webshop, you can order digital print fabrics online. There are many more themes to choose from, such as dots, stripes, check, tropical, camouflage, solid colors, metallic fabrics and many more. Any company in the world can create an account, view prices and order fabrics online. Fabrics can be ordered in amounts of double folded (±12m a piece) or rolls (±50m a roll). Because of the huge stock, orders can be shipped worldwide quickly. This way, fabric suppliers can deliver to costumers on a very short term.

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At the Knipidee webshop, you can order millions of meter of fabrics online. Our textiles are devided in three different collections: the basics, the summer collection, and winter collection. In all these collections, you can use the filter to search for the exact fabric that you are looking for. All of the designs are carefully selected by a team of designing stylists. These are designs inspired by the constantly changing fashion scene. Herefor, the collections are being updated two times a year with fresh and brand new designs. Take a look at all of our designs in the online store. There are several themes to select, also digital print fabric.

Knipidee: your textile wholesaler

Knipidee has over 40 years of experience within the fabric and fashion industry. Our motto is fashion = stock, that’s why Knipidee can provide their customers on a short term with the fabrics of their choice. We offer a 30-day warranty period, because we value our customer’s satisfaction. Feel free to browse the online store for textiles in many colors, designs, and compositions. Also, for digital print fabric designs you can browse the collections and start shopping online. There are many qualities to choose from, such as linen, bengaline, jersey, crèpe, bubble chiffon and others.

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