Are you looking for floral rayon fabrics to create the most beautiful garments, accessories or home decor items with? This season it’s all about the colorful flower prints in fabrics and textiles, but the truth is flowers are timeless within fashion. You can make gorgeous shirts, scarfs, pants, summer dresses or other clothing items with flower prints. Also, for home decoration there are a ton of possibilities by using flower rayon fabrics. Think pillow cases, curtains, tablecloths and so on. At the Knipidee Fabrics supplier, there are brand new flower collections ready for ordering. Knipidee is known for its stunning and vibrant colors and designs. These are unique, fashion-forward designs that are made by a professional styling team. For this reason, Knipidee has become a trusted wholesaler face to many fashion companies in the world.

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Knipidee: the floral rayon fabrics wholesaler

Knipidee has a massive collection of textiles and fabrics. When choosing a fabric for your next clothing or craft project, browsing the Knipidee collection is a good start. All products are in stock, which means orders can be shipped directly to customers, no matter what country you live in. Any fashion or textile company in the world can pay a visit to the ‘virtual showroom’ of Knipidee and start shopping. What kind of floral rayon fabrics are you looking for? Are you looking for a light-weight rayon material of more of a fashion-weight rayon material? Feel free to use the filter for finding the exact color, theme, quality or material that you are looking for. Are you a new customer of Knipidee? Know that you can order online with confidence with our easy 30 day warranty policy.

Order floral rayon fabrics online

When you have created an account, placing orders at Knipidee is very easy. First of all, after logging in you can view all of the fabric prices. Fabrics can be ordered in units of 12 meter (double folded) or 50 meter (rolls). When checking out, you can choose whether you would like to have the order send (we will find you the cheapest carrier) or pickup at our warehouse in The Netherlands. You can even set an estimated departure date for your order if you would like to. After checking out, orders are usually being shipped the same day. Feel free to take a look at the online store of Knipidee and view the entire fabric collection, including a wide range of floral rayon fabrics.

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View the Knipidee floral rayon collection online

More floral print fabrics

In the massive fabric collection of Knipidee, you will find many more fabrics with a floral design. When searching in one of our collections, you can always use the filter and select ‘flowers’, or, type in ‘flower’ in de search bar to get the most results. Many different type of material fabrics will show such as linen, scuba crepe, knitted fabrics or chiffon fabrics.