Mesh fabric is known for its spaces between the yarns, which gives a net-like appearance. Usually mesh is made of polyester or nylon. Because of the high flexibility rate, it has a huge rate of uses. In fashion, mesh is used for lightweight apparel such as shaper mesh, lingerie, athletic mesh or workout apparel. Mesh is highly breathable and does not get bogged down with sweat, even though it’s made of polyester material. Also, it is woven loosely. This is what ends up in thousands of tiny holes which you see in the mesh garment and what typifies the fabric so much. Do you want to use mesh for your own projects, and are you looking for a mesh fabric supplier, feel free to take a look at the Knipidee mesh fabric wholesale webshop. Here you will find millions of meter of fabric online, including mesh.

Mesh fabrics for sportswear

For all mesh goes, the denser the mesh fabric becomes, the less transparent it is. It is being used for a wide range of products, not just for fashion. It’s very likely that your fishing net is made of meh, just like net bags or other net products. In fashion, the origin of using mesh is found in sportswear in the mid-1980s. The material was being used for creating sports shorts, sports shirts and sports bras. Also, sports jerseys are a popular item made of synthetic mesh and is seen a lot in football, wresting, rugby, basketball and more. The fabrics high breathability makes it so suitable for sportswear. For this reason, many famous corporations like Nike and Adidas use mesh in there branded garments.

Mesh fabrics for shapewear

Due to its elasticity, mesh is also used a lot for a type of apparel called shapewear. Women like to alter the shape of their bodies with such garments. It can be used to conceal fat, to raise breasts or tighten abdomens. Here for, you will find it being used in lingerie items. The lightweight material makes it extra comfortable to wear. But not only for underneath outfits mesh is being used a lot, you will find it back in casual fashion more and more. It has become a fashion statement to wear mesh, such as mesh tops, shirts and accessories like gloves. At the Knipidee mesh fabric wholesale, you can order mesh textiles online in multiple colors and designs.

mesh fabrics online

Buy mesh fabric online

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