Ponte Roma fabric, also known as Punta di Roma or heavy jersey fabric, is an Italian type of textile. When you are looking for a fabric to make thicker garments like jackets, leggings, blazers or dresses, this is the right fabric type. Overall it’s a double knit, stretchy, thicker jersey type fabric. For this reason, it is used a lot for the colder days. Plus, it’s an easy process sewing garments from Ponte Roma. It’s one of the most popular fabrics for a reason. At the Knipidee Ponte Roma fabric wholesale webshop, you can order many textiles online.

Buy Ponte Roma fabrics online

Knipidee is one of Europe’s leading fashion fabric wholesalers. In our webstore you can find all 7 million meters of fabrics in stock online. There is a wide range of Punta di Roma textiles available in various designs, like checks, animal prints, flower prints, stripes and other trendy themes. You can use the filter for browsing by color or theme. Also, there are several collections available like the basics, the summer collection or winter collection. Each collection is filled with trendy designs. Because of the huge stock, the Ponte Roma fabric wholesale company Knipidee ships worldwide the same working day. This way we are able to serve customers demand for fabrics on a very short term.

Ponte Roma fabric wholsale

Why choose Punta di Roma fabric?

Punta di Roma is a very popular textile type. There are several qualities to tipify this versatile fabric. The composition is crease-resistant, stretchy and has a great structure for draped clothing. Also, it’s a doubleknit jersey, meaning it’s knitted on a machine with two needle beds and a distinctive combination of interlocking and plain knit structures. The most beautiful skirts, leggings or jackets suitable for colder days can be created by tihis heavier jersey fabric. Browse the online collection of all Knipidee fabrics in the webshop. Any company in the world can create an account, view prices and start shopping.