Terry cloth fabric is known for its quality to absorb large amounts of water. This makes it a perfect option for bathroom items, beachwear, baby capes , sports towels, bathrobes, hair turbans et cetera. There are many more great reasons why to choose terry cloth. It’s thick and very soft, especially when put in the dryer. Also, it’s a very easy-to-care for type of textile that does not require ironing. If you are looking for a Terry cloth fabric wholesale company, Knipidee Fabrics is a good option. In the online store, you can order many kinds of textiles including terry in many outstanding colors and designs. Feel free to pay a visit to the online store and browse the entire collection online.

terry cloth fabric wholesale

Buy Terry cloth fabric online

At the Knipidee Terry cloth fabric wholesale store, you can buy Terry fabrics online in many different colors and compositions. From origin, Terry is made from cotton, but nowadays its also made from other natural or artificial material such as linen or silk or a mixture. The reason why cotton is used a lot for Terry cloth is the fact that the absorbent fiber gets 20-30 times stronger when wet. When ordering Terry cloth at Knipidee, you can choose between an average of 12 meters (double folded) or 50 meters (roll). All fabrics are available directly from stock, so usually orders are being shipped the same day. Also, Knipidee will find you the cheapest carrier.

Our Terry cloth bestseller: the 0112 Peru

The number 1 sold item in the Terry cloth fabric wholesale webshop is the 0112 Peru. This bestseller is available in over 25 different colors. The material exists out of 90% Cotton and 10% Polyester, which means it handles water very well and will remain its soft feeling by all times. The weight is 350 grams per square meter and the fabric width is 150 centimeter. This product is perfect for use when you want to present a great collection of bath products to your customers.

Order the bestseller Peru at the Knipidee Terry cloth fabric wholesaler.

Why choose the Knipidee Terry cloth fabric wholesaler?

For over 40 years, Knipidee had become leader on the Dutch market when it comes to fabrics. What makes Knipidee a unique supplier is the wide range in stunning, fashion-forward designs, all created by a professional styling team. Next to these unique designs, all fabrics are available from stock, so shipping takes place very fast, usually the same day. Also, we deliver our goods worldwide, so any fabric or fashion company in the world can create an account and place orders in the webshop. Feel free to pay a visit to the Knipidee webshop to find the perfect Terry cloth that your are looking for.