Welcome to Knipidee International BV, your online fabrics wholesaler in Europe! Located in The Netherlands, Knipidee is one of the leading companies in textiles. With over 40 years of experience and a very own styling team, the collections are being updated twice a year by the lastest trends. Any company in the world with a valid tax ID can place orders online in the webshop. Because there is over 6.000.000 fabric directly available from stock, delivery times are short. You can choose out of thousands of different patterns, colors and fabric types. There are basic and seasonal collections, which are updated twice a year with the lastest fashion designs.

3 reasons why to buy fabrics at Knipidee

There are multiple reasons why you can choose for the Knipidee International Webshop. Here are the 3 most important ones:

1. The most trending designs
With its own team of styling and designing specialists who follow the latest fashion trends carefully, the fabric designs are always representing the latest trends in the fashion market.

2. Fashion = stock
Because the textiles are available directly from stock in a large amount, most orders can be processed within one or two business days. This is why all orders can be processed in a very short term. You can leave special shipment requests like an estimated date of departure, extra fast shipping by UPS or a request for picking up your goods at our store located in The Netherlands.

3. High-quality standards
Knipidee has a return and damage claim policy which lasts 60 days. This way, customers can enjoy the best quality of their fabrics.

How to place orders online?

Placing orders at Knipidee, the online textile and fabric webshop Europe is very easy. Any company in the world can create an account within minutes. After approval by the sales team, you are able to see all prices and start placing orders. There is a minimum order amount of a double folded of 12 meters of a roll of 50 meters. After your order has been placed, you will receive an order confirmation email, followed by a mail with your invoice including the actual shipping costs. In the meantime, your order is being processed and made ready for shipment within a few days.

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