Lining Fabric

Lining fabric serves as the finishing of clothing. As the word makes clear, the fabric is specially intended as lining. The fabric is often woven in a satin weave, resulting in a flowing and smooth fabric. Lining fabric is often produced from synthetic fibers such as acetate and polyester.

Why lining fabric?

Lining fabric can be used for all garments that require layers inside. Coats, blazers and jackets usually have a lining. A lining also works for skirts, dresses and tops. In addition, it can be used as a second layer for garments with a top layer of transparent or semi-transparent fabric.

Other lining fabrics

If you are looking for a lining fabric that makes your clothes warmer, look at Stepped lining. Stepped lining fabric is made of several layers, making it a warm lining fabric.

Lining Fabrics Wholesale

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