Days for Denim

Denim is a timeless material that always gives a twist to the look.

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Knipidee International BV has been one of the leading textile companies in the Netherlands for over 40 years.


With more than 7 million meters of fabric in stock, Knipidee can ship all fabrics to customers at short notice. We ship both within the Netherlands and worldwide. This means that any company in the world can create an account and place orders.

knitten or woven

Ever wondered what the difference is between knitted or woven fabrics? Fabrics consist of natural and artificial yarns. They are formed by weaving, knotting, knitting or other methods.

cotton blue knipidee

Cotton fabric is a versatile fabric that is very popular, especially in the summer. Cotton fibers are therefore most commonly used for the production of textiles. There are several properties that make the textile type so popular.