Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard is a technique in which motifs are woven or knitted into fabric. A jacquard fabric has a woven-in design. This fabric is named after the Frenchman Joseph-Marie Jacquard. In 1803 he developed the Jacquard loom which allows complicated designs to be incorporated into fabric during the weaving process. The jacquard technique can also be used for knits.

What is the difference between jacquard designs and printed designs?

Many designs, such as our Digital Prints, are printed on fabric. Such a printed design does not reach the entire yarn. The print may become less visible when stretching elastic fabrics and often only one side is printed. On the other hand, a print or motif in jacquard fabric is usually visible on both sides, the reverse side being the 'negative'. The design cannot disappear or fade because it is woven in with different coloured yarns.

Why jacquard?

Jacquard is available in all sorts of fabric qualities and can be used for many purposes. By using this luxurious technique, the design is colourfast.

Is jacquard fabric always multicoloured?

Jacquards patterns can be made by using different coloured yarns. However, even with just a single colour of yarn a jacquard patterned fabric can be made. When using one colour of yarn, there are raised parts in the fabric. A design then becomes visible in the relief of the fabric.

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