Wool Fabric

Wool is a natural protein fiber derived from thin hairs from various animals. The majority of woolen fabrics come from sheep's fur. A fabric that consists entirely of hairs from sheep is referred to as 100% wool. Other wool can come from, for example, goats, rabbits, camels and llamas.

Why wool?

Wool is soft and keeps you warm. The most important quality of wool is that it provides insulation. The finer the hair used, the better the insulating capacity. Wool hair can absorb a lot of moisture. Woolen fabrics are versatile and perfect for deep winter days. Woolen clothes are durable, the fiber has a natural elasticity and is very strong. Wool is the material for a winter coat that provides you with long-lasting warmth and longevity. In addition, it is suitable for a winter sweater, skirt, shawl, pants, and other winter clothing.

Wool Fabrics Wholesale

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