Ottoman Fabric

Ottoman fabric is an elastic fabric with a ribbed structure. Ottoman can be woven or knitted. When weaving the fabric, a thicker yarn is used for the weft yarn, which creates widthways ribbing. The distance and size of the ridges can differ per ottoman fabric. Ottoman has its origins in the Ottoman Empire, in present-day Turkey.

What is the difference between ottoman and corduroy?

Ottoman fabrics and corduroy both have a ribbed structure. Corduroy is a weave with a nap. The ribbing in corduroy is formed by raised, cut yarns. These yarns feel like tiny hairs and form a ribbed pile surface. Ottoman fabrics have no pile surface and therefore no nap. The ribs are woven into it.

Why ottoman?

The fabric is strong and tightly woven. Ottoman can be used for different types of clothing. The ribbed texture gives something extra to a plain fabric. Ottoman is used for everyday wear, formal wear and is known as coat fabric.
The ottoman fabrics at Knipidee contain some elastane. It makes the fabrics elastic and great for everyday clothing.

Ottoman Fabrics Wholesale

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