Cupro Fabric

Cupro is an artificial fiber made from cellulose out of cotton waste and bamboo pulp. It is a semi-synthetic fabric. Cupro is short for cuprammonium rayon, which immediately indicates that this is a variant of rayon.

Why cupro?

Although cupro is made artificially, it consists of natural cellulose fibers. Therefore, it has many of the good properties of fully plant-based fabrics such as cotton and linen. The fabric is soft, falls smoothly, absorbs moisture well and is comfortable to wear. Clothes made of cupro can be worn all year round. Cupro keeps you warm in the winter and airy in the summer. In addition, cupro is silky soft and has a silky lustre. With its luxurious look, cupro is a common alternative to silk.

Cupro Fabrics Wholesale

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