Corduroy Fabric

Corduroy, also known as ribbed velvet, is a ridged fabric woven in a pile weave. The ridges are created by weaving an extra, third yarn into the fabric. These extra pile yarns are cut, brushed and form ridges. These yarns feel like tiny hairs and form the pile surface.

Why corduroy?

The width of the ribbing differs per corduroy and results in a number of variants. A small distance combined with a small ribbing effect makes for a flexible, thinner corduroy. This is suitable for a smooth blouse. The traditional corduroy of cotton is bigger and stiff and is often used as a basic that lasts for years, such as trousers or a jacket. Many of Knipidee’s corduroy fabrics contain elastane. The extra stretch makes it suitable for different types of clothing. As a fashion fabric, corduroy is mainly used for autumn and winter collections. In addition, the ribbed fabric is also widely used in the interior as furniture upholstery or for accessories.

What materials are similar to corduroy?

Other fabrics with the recognizable pile surface are velours and velvet.

Corduroy Fabrics Wholesale

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