Fur Fabric

Fur is a type of fabric with a hairy surface. Fur fabrics have a pile surface and resemble animal fur. At Knipidee you will only find imitation fur. It is made of materials such as polyester, acrylic, cotton or polyamide. In order to make imitation fur, an extra pile yarn is knitted or woven in small loops. These loops are cut, resulting in a hairy texture.

Why faux fur?

The pattern or plush surface of the fabric has a fur look and is reminiscent of animal skin. All kinds of fur can be imitated, such as woolly teddy or shiny fur. Therefore, fur fabric is very diverse. Faux fur is suitable for the cold seasons. These warm, cuddly fabrics are perfect for a winter coat, cardigan, sweater, blanket, and more.

Fur and Faux Fur Fabrics Wholesale

Order your (faux) fur fabrics online at Knipidee International. Choose from a wide collection of fur fabrics in many different uni colours.