Modal Fabric

Modal is a regenerated cellulose fiber. Modal fabric is made from cellulose from the pulp of a beech tree. Wood pulp is manufactured into a fiber. The material is natural, although the material is produced in an artificial way. Therefore, it is called a semi-synthetic fabric. It finds its origin in Japan in the 1950’s.

Why modal?

Modal is smooth, lightweight and has a silky texture. The fabric is also referred to as artificial silk. Since the fabric is made of vegetable matter, it has the beneficial properties of cotton. It is a breathable fabric, it is comfortable to wear and absorbs even more moisture than cotton. The fabric is wrinkle resistant. It is suitable for sportswear, activewear, sleepwear, T-shirts, underwear, dresses, shawls, tops, skirts and more. 

Tencel fabric is a sustainable variant of modal.

Wholesale Modal Fabrics

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