Chenille Fabric

Chenille is a fuzzy fabric made from chenille yarn. The word "chenille" is French for "caterpillar" and refers to the appearance of the yarn used for the fabric. This hairy chenille yarn resembles a caterpillar. The fine hairs of the yarn stick out in all directions.

Why chenille?

Chenille fabric is soft and warm. It is very suitable for making all kinds of clothes for the colder seasons. The fluffy chenille knits at Knipidee are perfect for a comfortable sweater, dress, shawl or blanket. Woven chenille fabrics are often heavy and solid. These variants are especially suitable for the upholstery of furniture or as curtain fabric.

Chenille Fabrics Wholesale

Order your chenille fabrics online at Knipidee International. Choose from a wide collection of Basic and Collection fabrics in many uni colours and prints.