Tie-Dye Fabric

Tie-Dye is a traditional dyeing technique in which textiles are given a coloured pattern by bundling the material, tying it tightly and then dyeing it. Because the bundled fabric is tightly bound together, the paint does not reach some parts of the fabric and a pattern is created. Different ways of Tie-Dye such as pleating, twisting or folding fabric result in countless prints. The end result of a homemade Tie-Dye is always unique and partly unpredictable.

Why Tie-Dye?

The technique is possible with different materials. We see the recognizable Tie-Dye prints on all kinds of qualities. In the Western fashion industry, Tie-Dye triumphed in the sixties. The technique became known as a hippie fashion phenomenon since bright and multicolored variants have a psychedelic look. Nowadays, the technique also has more modest designs and it is a recurring phenomenon on the catwalk.

Tie-Dye Fabrics Wholesale

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