Jogging Fabric

Jogging fabric is a solid knit with a smooth exterior and a soft interior. Jogging is also called sweat fabric. The inner surface is soft because the loops of the knit are brushed.

What is the difference between jogging and tricot?

Tricot is the collective term for all knitted fabrics. Jogging fabric is a type of tricot. Jogging fabric is firmer than the average tricot. For jogging fabric, thicker yarns are used, making the fabric thicker and warmer.

Why sweat fabric?

Jogging fabric is very soft. This kind of tricot is a thick and warm variant. As the name suggests, sweat fabric is perfect for a comfortable sweater. The fabric is suitable for winter garments such as sweat pants, skirts, cardigans, sweaters or homewear.

Jogging Fabrics Wholesale

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