Teddy Fabric

Teddy fabric is a warp pile fabric with a plush surface resembling a sheepskin. Small woven loops create a fleecy surface. The teddy fabric surface looks and feels like a sheepskin. In the Knipidee collection you will not find teddy fabric made of real sheepskin, but made of materials such as cotton or polyester.

Why teddy?

Teddy is a soft touch fabric. The fluffy and warm fabric is perfect for winter clothing such as sweaters, hoodies, jackets or coats. Since it looks like a sheepskin, but also like the surface of a teddy bear, this fabric is also a favorite for blankets, stuffed animals, fantasy costumes, home decor or upholstery.

Wholesale Teddy Fabrics

Order teddy fabrics quick and easy online at Knipidee International. Choose from a wide collection of fabrics in many solid colours.