Pique Fabric

Pique knitted fabric, also referred to as Marcella, is a knitting technique with a distinctive raised surface. The surface displays a subtle geometric texture in the form of a honeycomb, diamond or waffle relief.

Why pique?

The fabric is a little stiff and does not crease easily. Yet pique wears comfortably. The material is breathable, durable and flexible. This makes it very popular for sporty shirts and high-quality polos.
The different embossed shapes are also suitable for T-shirts, sweaters or airy summer jackets. Because of the same absorbent qualities as waffle fabric, it is also a useful fabric for bathrobes, towels or bed linen.

What is the difference between pique and jersey?

The two most common fabrics used for polo shirts are jersey and pique. Pique fabric is slightly more irregular and heavier than jersey. Due to the detailed knitting structure, pique has a more expensive feel. Pique is stiffer and a garment made of this material lasts longer. For the true polo look, pique is the best choice.

Pique Fabrics Wholesale

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