Denim Fabric (Jeans Fabric)

Denim is a cotton textile in twill weave. This weaving is recognizable by the diagonal line in a fabric. Unlike other twill fabrics, denim has an undyed weft yarn. This is in contrast to the dyed warp yarns, which are often dark blue or indigo. The combination of dark yarns and a light yarn in a twill weave results in denim.

What is the difference between denim and chambray?

Denim is quite similar to chambray. The main difference between the fabrics is in how they are woven. Chambray is woven in a plain weave, while denim has a twill weave. Denim is even stronger and more durable. Chambray is thinner and more flexible than denim.

Why denim?

Denim is sturdy and is widely used to make the well-known jeans. Most denim fabrics are made from very thick cotton. In combination with the use of the twill weave, this results in an extremely strong and wear-resistant fabric. Denim was originally used for workwear. Today there are many more ways to use denim: denim jackets, trousers, shirts, overalls, T-shirts.

Denim Fabrics Wholesale

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