Tencel Fabric

Tencel is a regenerated cellulose fiber. Tencel fabric is made entirely from cellulose of the eucalyptus tree. Wood pulp is manufactured into a fiber. The material is 100% natural, although the material is produced in an artificial way. It is a semi-synthetic fabric. Tencel is the brand name of the material lyocell.

Why Tencel?

The smooth Tencel fiber results in a supple and silky soft fabric. At the same time, the material is also very strong and therefore very suitable for bedding. The airy fabric is shiny and works well for a blouse or dress, for example.

Features of Tencel

  • Sustainable
  • 100% natural base
  • Smooth
  • Supple and soft
  • Strong
  • Breathable and moisture absorbing
  • Skin-friendly

Why is Tencel sustainable?

Tencel consists of natural material. Therefore, it is completely biodegradable. The used wood pulp is obtained from trees out of sustainably-harvested forests. Eucalyptus trees have a sustainable life and use up to 80% less water than cotton. The water used for the production of ecological Tencel is recycled at the same time.

Tencel Fabrics Wholesale

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