Tartan Fabric

The Scottish check, also known as tartan, is a checkered pattern used to make traditional Scottish dress. The tartan consists of horizontal, vertical or sometimes diagonal lines. The stripes have different colors and sizes that together form a recognizable criss-cross pattern. Originally, tartan fabric was made from wool. Today, the tartan goes far beyond the wool kilt and is a much-loved fashion fabric.

Why tartan?

The tartan is a motif with countless possibilities. Consider, for example, a blouse, skirt, dress, shawl, blanket or pants. Tartan is also popular as a luxurious, eye-catching lining fabric. Tartan fabric is available at Knipidee in a variety of colourways and different checkered patterns. Commonly used colors for the Scottish check are red, black, dark blue and green.

Scottish Check Fabrics Wholesale

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