Waffle Fabrics

Waffle weave fabric (also known as waffle cloth, waffle pique, waffle cotton, honeycomb fabric) is a fabric woven in a three-dimensional waffle weave. The use of filler yarns creates a waffle relief. Waffle fabric is usually made of cotton.

Why waffle fabric?

Due to the differences in depth with this special binding, a large surface is created. Therefore, the waffle cotton can absorb much more moisture than a normal cotton fabric. Furthermore, the fabric retains other advantages of cotton and is skin-friendly, soft, supple and breathable. Waffle fabric has various applications in the bathroom in the form of, for example, a towel, washcloth or bathrobe. The fabric is mainly used for all kinds of baby items: as a burp cloth, bib, blanket or playpen blanket.

Waffle Fabrics Wholesale

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