Nylon Fabric

Nylon is a collective name for synthetic material made from polyamides. This synthetic fiber has been developed as an alternative to silk. The plastic nylon has many applications in our daily life. It is used for products like toothbrushes, cables and fishing nets. Nevertheless, nylon is mostly manufactured as a fiber, to make nylon textile.

Why nylon?

Nylon fabric is light and strong. In addition, it is very easy to use because it is virtually wrinkle-free. As a clothing fabric, nylon is very versatile and has many applications. The fabric is known from nylon stockings and tights. Thicker varieties of nylon fabric are popular for jackets, leggings, sportswear, tops and so on. Since it is such a strong material, many nylon fabrics are perfectly suitable for decoration, upholstery and as cushion covers.

Nylon Fabrics Wholesale

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