Minky Fabric

Minky fabric is a soft polyester knit with a velvet-like pile surface. It is a hairy material that feels like a mink fur. Minky is a very soft and thick variant of fleece fabric.

Why minky?

Minky is warm, lightweight and has stretch. It is a comfortable fabric that is pleasant to wear in the colder seasons. With its warm, soft character, minky fabric is popular for children's fashion, baby fashion and home items. It is used for all kinds of children's and baby items such as baby clothes, accessories, stuffed animals and toys.

In addition, it can be used indoors for home decoration, for the upholstery of cushions or furniture and for making blankets or curtains. At Knipidee you will find Minky fabric with a raised dotted surface in a variety of colours.

Minky Fabrics Wholesale

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