Rib cuff

Rib cuff is a circular knitted fabric, intended for making cuffs. Unlike a regular cuff fabric, the rib cuff has a ribbed surface.

Why rib cuff?

Rib cuff is a sturdy cuff fabric and is used for finishing clothing. Rib cuff is very elastic. It has a good fit and stays in place better than a regular cuff fabric without ribbing. The material is perfect as a waistband, at the end of a sleeve or trouser leg, or as finish for a sweater, hoodie, dress, track jacket or coat.

At Knipidee, cuff fabric is available in in a wide choice of colours. The 0134 Boord fabric consists of cotton with 5% elastane. This cotton material offers a high wearing comfort.

Rib Cuff Fabrics Wholesale

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