Crepe Fabric

Crepe is a fabric with a grainy, rippling surface. Before being made into a cloth, the yarns are twisted very tightly, causing the bouncy structure. Crepe is usually woven in a plain weave, but this is not clearly visible due to the grainy effect. The fabric originated in Japan where it was made from silk. Nowadays, all kinds of materials are used, such as polyester, wool or cotton.

Why crepe?

Crepe fabric is flattering and has a smooth drape. The fabric hardly wrinkles. Crepe can be made from all kinds of materials and is therefore very versatile. Crepe is suitable for all kinds of clothing such as dresses, skirts, pants and tops. The fabric is often very fitting for spring and summer, but depending on the material used, this fabric can also be worn in other seasons.

Crepe Fabrics Wholesale

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