Leather Fabric

Real leather is made from animal skin and lasts a long time. At Knipidee you will find vegan leather. Vegan leather is an alternative, made from substitute materials that imitate the look of real leather.

What is vegan leather?

Vegan leather is material that looks and feels like leather. In contrast to real leather, imitation leather does not contain any animal origin. Instead, synthetic or plant-based materials are used. Vegan leather consists of two layers: the leather look layer is applied on top of a base material. The properties of vegan leather may vary due to the use of different base materials. Vegan leather can therefore be supple, stiff and thick, or even have stretch. Vegan leather can be used as decorative material, interior material and, of course, as fashion material.

Another vegan alternative to leather is cork.

Leather Fabrics Wholesale

Looking for leather fabrics? Order your vegan leather fabrics online at Knipidee International. Choose from a wide collection of fabrics in many different uni colours and designs.