Chambray Fabric

Chambray fabric is woven in a plain weave with two different colors of yarns. The horizontal weft yarns, usually white, have a different color than the vertical warp yarns. The fabric is mainly made of a natural material, namely linen or cotton.

What is the difference between chambray and denim?

Chambray looks a lot like denim, especially when the white yarns are alternated with blue yarns. The main difference between the fabrics is the binding. Chambray is woven in a plain weave, denim in a twill weave. Denim is even stronger and more durable. Chambray is thinner and more flexible than denim.

Why chambray?

Because of the informal jeans look, chambray is a great fabric for casual wear. It is durable but supple and is therefore a good alternative to denim.

Chambray Fabrics Wholesale

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