Dive into Summer with Linen Viscose Fabrics!

Head to the beach and enjoy the warmth of summer with our Linen Viscose fabrics! Whether you're strolling by the sea or enjoying drinks at a beachside café, our fabrics are your perfect companion for a sunny day. From flowing wide trousers to elegant skirts, dresses, and light blouses, Linen Viscose fabrics are your go-to for a sophisticated summer look.

We offer Linen Viscose fabrics in a variety of delightful summer prints. These blends combine viscose and linen. Our Linen Viscose fabrics provide a unique combination of the smoothness and drape of viscose, with the durability and natural texture of linen, bringing together both versatility and style in one fabric. This blend is made for comfort, ensuring breathability throughout the day.

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