Bengaline fabric for making your own garments


A fantastic textile for making form-fitting dresses, skirts, trousers, and jackets: Bengaline fabric. What makes Bengaline stand out for customers is its quality to stretch down the length of the fabric instead of to stretch across the width (like most other textiles do), For this reason, it’s used for making all type of garments. As […]

Alpenfleece uni fabric wholesaler

Alpenfleece uni

Are you looking for a fabric with a warming function, then you should definitely consider Alpenfleece. This soft material is perfect for use during the autumn and winter months. Knipidee International BV Webshop is an Alpenfleece uni fabric wholesale company where meters of Alpine fabric in countless colors and trendy designs can be ordered online. […]

Fashion Trends Summer 2019 – The Trendbook

Each season, our styling team creates “The Trendbook”, our specially made book with our collection which holds a variety of themes for our customers. They can get inspired and have a look in the upcoming trends and collection. Summerfashion 2019 Take a look at the latest fashion trends for summer 2019. Get inspired and navigate […]